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March 06, 2007



HEY- I missed your posts so much! So glad to see you're back on-line! YES, I am almost there - down to the wire - a little frustrated that this early labor stage stuff is lasting so long for me! (BUT what's new, right?) However, I know God's plan is in the works, and this little one will come at just the perfect time! OH - am I uncomfortable, but I know soon the little one will be here to bless our world!

*LOVE all the pics you posted and way to go boys in the pine car derby!

*Would love to have seen David fly off that hill, and so happy you could ski again - it's been forever, and it's something I really want to do again!

*Finally, Coopie lost a tooth! OH MY WORD!!!! He and Sam won't be as close as Cade and Owen, b/c there's nothing loose as far as I know! I'm right there with ya too on pulling the teeth - loose teeth simply freak me out!

I should be posting something as well on my blog - it's been a while too, but the nesting has kicked in, so computer stuff hasn't been the biggest priority! LOVE YA and hope to be calling you soon with news!!!!! :-)


Loved the post. Your dad is so handsome for a Pop Pop. Love the one of him and all the kids. I gotta see that video too!!


I love how you capture every special event with picts...quite inspiring!
I'll let ya know if I need to take advantage of your connections after Jen has the baby! :-) Thanks for the offer!
Hope you're having a good week!


Hey Pork -- Your kids are so easy to love and it's so much fun being together with them. Looking forward to another summer of fun with Owen & Coop at Hersheypark! Thanks for the sweet made my day!


The pictures are soooooo adorable of all the kids with your dad!!!!
Tell Owen and Coop that I said congratulations on their trophies in the grand prix and both of their cars are sooooo cute!

love ya and hope to see you soon!


your kids are just adorable (as are you ;) )

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