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February 14, 2007



We think so alike!!!! We did the heart shaped pancakes (and yes, it was so nice having the whole family home on this day - including Mike), and we also did the heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches!! The kids LOVED the dessert I made - dirt pudding with red food coloring! It was a little on the pink/peachy side, but it was still cute! Glad you enjoyed your day - we certainly did also and plan on enjoying today (another day off school)! YAY! I'm off to see Cheri, then I'll be posting the snow pics we took as well!


Oh - I also did the marble/tin foil thing from Family Fun for the cupcakes for Sam's party (actually Sam dropped the marbles in...that was quite fun for him and a neat way to create hearts)! Great idea attempting it for the cinnamon buns! Amazing again how we were on the same page for love day!


Sounds like you had a very fun nice it worked out to have everyone home on V-day!
Have a great weekend!
P.S. Love those snow hats! How cute are they?!?

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