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February 08, 2007



Okay, can't sleep so I'm online (but hopefully headed to bed after this and I'd better catch zzzzzz's QUICKLY)! Anyway, wasn't that movie awesome??? Tear jerker!!!! And, I LOVE CARRABA'S - also a HUGE favorite of mine! Hopefully, Mike and I can get a date night in before the baby comes and maybe we'll hit that place too! Way to go Joyceeeeee!


3 things...
1. LOVE the new banner! Precious!
2. Glad you could get a date night...we have yet to try Carraba's...when we do go out, we always go back to the same few favorite places...I guess it's time to branch out!
3. While at Wolfe's the other night, I was looking for a bedroom suit for Owen (for next year at this time) and didn't really like anything...I loved the blue bed of Grady's...I have to ask where to got it! Love that bold blue!
Have fun cropping tonight!


1...thank you, i love doing them MUST try Carraba's....its fabulous I love the Filet Bryan, by far the best meal EVER!!!
3...KMART!!! It was on clearance...very inexpensive!

My you are up late...know the feeling of not being able to sleep! We should have a girls out Carraba night!!! YUM!

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