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January 22, 2007



I have to admit, I'm a little (Ok, maybe a lot) jealous :-) I was working out of a bag until I've upgraded to a new goal is to have a little room somday!
I'm sure Ryan will thank you for this one :-)

Aimee Snyder

Feel free to come over anytime. I would love some company!!


Great pictures, Aimee! WILL ALWAYS LOVE THAT AWESOME ROOM! :-) I'm trying so hard to figure out a way to make my "scrapbook alley" a little more fresh looking and prettier! I also got magnetic little tins like your silver ones at Target, and I was actually just down there finding a place to hang it and putting my buttons in them as well! Too funny! So happy you posted this! It's worth it for all to see! OH - I heard your whole basement was done - want to see that too, and YES, that football game was unbelievable last night! Mike and I were ecstatic!

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