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January 25, 2007



Oh my- that was interesting,thanks for the good advice.Thankfully, I haven't had acold yet this season. I'm sure thats a "knock on wood" now that Isaid it.


Look on the bright probably have the longest-lasting fresh breath on the East Coast!


What a crack up just picturing that whole fiasco in my head while reading your post! OH my, I certainly hope you get better soon - your family has been sick way too long! I'm right there with Carla, knocking on wood that I don't get sick too! But I hope you all are on the mends soon! And I will also heed the mouthwash advice! :-) I just wish you posted a picture with that story!

P.S. Got the lovliest hug and kiss from Owen today when I went it to pick up the kids! PRECIOUS!

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